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TeenEagle is an international English language skills competition for students from 10 to 18 years old. We have two main competitions: our 100% Online Rounds, and our Global Finals around the world.

You may earn 10% - 100% discounts through the TeenEagle Super Online rounds on 02 December 2023 and 17 February 2024.
Global Rounds are held in Malaysia, the UK and USA.

Benefits of TeenEagle


  • Get certificates and medal​
  • Win discounts for universities, summer schools and language schools​
  • Improve Teamwork and Collaboration with international friends​
  • Enhance your social and emotional learning
  • Motivate yourself to grow and reach international standards​
  • Be a part of diverse and universal thinking​

  • Get a coordinator certificate ​
  • Share knowledge with other schools ​
  • Promote international partnerships and exchanges​
  • Become a more confident educator​
  • Increase the profile of your school both locally and internationally​
  • Develop academic heroes from your local community

  • Get a partner school certificate ​
  • Increase your school profile ​
  • Share knowledge with partner schools ​
  • Increase your level of education and intellectuality of your students and teachers
  • Increase the profile of your school - both locally and internationally​
  • Build classroom communities by strengthening relationships ​
  • Competing in What Matters.

    Our Online Round consists of a multiple-choice quiz, with questions taken directly from our resources. We host Online Rounds several times a year, so you can pick a time that works best for your schedule.

    Our Global Final Rounds are the full English experience; one week filled with local excursions and unique experiences, night-time get-togethers, and a range of language competitions. Compete in essay writing, spelling, speech-giving, short film, and more!

    Be Part of Our Team.

    We are actively looking for teachers, academic staff members, and educational workers to be official partners.

    If you have students who might be interested in competing, if you are connected with other teachers who are looking for engaging and interesting language-learning resources, or if you work in a school that wishes to expand internationally, contact us!

    We provide presentations for teachers and students looking to know more.


    What do you like most about TeenEagle?

    It generally introduces students to new resources and methods of information which broadens their horizons and also serves as a productive source of entertainment.
    from Pakistan
    My most favorite thing about Teenagle is that I am able to increase my English level, and practice listening, speaking and reading in English.
    from Azerbaijan
    I liked that TeenEagle focuses on the knowledge needed to understand things better around the world.
    from Nigeria
    It helped by allowing people from all over the world to participate on this global platform and give us a valuable experience.
    Ali Zayaan
    from Pakistan
    Everything, especially the welcoming ceremony and the award ceremony. Everyone is really friendly!
    from Albania
    For me, I like the film so much because it has a lot of good morals. Especially when TeenEagle divides the films for native speakers and bilingual speakers.
    from Cambodia
    Meeting friends from other countries! The competition had so many cool and interesting people and I’m so happy with my new friends.
    from Tajikistan
    The TeenEagle contest is about a very serious, demanding and popular theme (English Language). The best part is how TeenEagle tackles this theme with fun and without letting students get bored.
    Teacher Ahmad
    from Pakistan
    It gave so many people the opportunity to come visit London, as well as keep learning English. It’s a competition that grows with you.
    from Azerbaijan
    Everything! The resources are interesting, and we get to compete with our hobbies. What’s not to like?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Participants in the Online Round qualify for the Finals and they can win discounts to other stages. Moreover, participants in the Global Finals can win discounts to prestigious colleges and universities, as well as select funded opportunities to work and study over the summer.
    The TeenEagle Online competition is the first stage of our English language competitions. It is done completely remotely, either in a certified TeenEagle test centre or in the comfort of your own home. It is a 60-question quiz with multiple choice, true/false, and matching questions based on our resources.
    The TeenEagle Global Finals competition is the second stage of our English language competitions. Students travel to one of our venues around the world for an eight-day trip, covering four competitions: Persuasive Speaking, the Writing Challenge, the Knowledge Quiz, and the Spelling Bee, as well as two optional competitions in Short Film and the Talent Show.
    Resources are different for each age category, but each category uses one book and one movie. You can find out more about what age category you are and what resources to study on this page.