Our Mission

At TeenEagle, we're on a mission to empower teenagers to be catalysts for positive global change, transcending borders and fostering a world where everyone thrives. Our universal platform is designed to pass on principles of leadership, freedom, and integrity from generation to generation.


Promote English language challenges globally


Create a network for educators across countries


Encourage the development of a shared sense of identity and integration


Promote diversity and universal thinking


Create and nourish friendly relationships while promoting a healthy competition


Inspire young minds to unlock their potential


Guide students with their future plans


Encourage young minds to give back to their communities

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide educators and students with the tools they need to create a successful future. Through our English language competitions, we encourage the development of a shared identity and dedicate time to promoting diversity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Why Eagle

The eagle, a symbol of power and leadership, inspires us at TeenEagle. Its flight, representing bravery and independence, mirrors our commitment to helping students be brave, honest, and capable of incredible achievements. We aim to provide a bird’s-eye view of the world where everyone has equal opportunities and works together.

Why TeenEagle

Our English-language competitions are open worldwide, fostering collaboration, diversity, and creativity. Accredited and certified by Brooke House College, TeenEagle offers more than just prizes; it equips participants with invaluable skills for real-world scenarios on an international scale. We build partnerships with teachers, schools, and academic institutions, providing unique opportunities for professional development and global recognition.

Inspiring Change

TeenEagle aims to inspire change, one student at a time. Each competition participant is a treasure, and TeenEagle serves as a catalyst for these positive transformations. Our heartfelt thanks go to the TeenEagle family—students, teachers, country coordinators, and staff—for believing in the power of TeenEagle.

Building Partnerships

TeenEagle values its relationships with teachers, schools, and academic partners. From using original TeenEagle materials in classrooms to sponsoring ELL research and hosting teaching soft-skills workshops, we aim to enrich educational experiences. Schools benefit from TeenEagle certification, international promotion, and various sponsorship opportunities.

Extracurricular Excitement

Join TeenEagle not just for the competitions, but for the unforgettable extracurricular experiences. Our Global Finals Round, set in unique and multicultural cities, offers seven days packed with competitions, local attractions, and lively afterparties. Whether you’re drawn to the culture, the learning experience, or future opportunities, TeenEagle eagerly awaits your participation.

Founder's note

TeenEagle began as a vision on a windy London day, born from a desire to motivate students through international activities. Although the pandemic altered our plans for grand finals in London, we adapted and held successful online rounds, expanding TeenEagle to over 50 countries. Our dream is unfolding, thanks to the dedication of our growing TeenEagle family.

TeenEagle Team

Global Success Manager
The master manager and pro at surviving on no sleep, Matt has a hand in every step TeenEagle does. He handles the logistics behind TeenEagle projects, fronts expansion and change in the name of progress, and stays a first-name contact with the partners and teachers behind it all. His hobbies are watching LOTR, rewatching LOTR, and excessive sarcasm.
Director of Partnerships
Equipped with a mental toolkit and a never-ending sense of humour, Cassy operates the mouthpiece of TeenEagle. She develops unique partnerships with institutions and organisations internationally, attends as many webinars as she can, and streamlines the process for others to join the fun. Her hobbies are baking social-media-worthy sweets and playing with her dogs.
Regional Coordinator (South America)
As the guy who gets it all done, Igor balances excellent communication skills with 21st-century detective work. He conducts market research, reaches out to possible TeenEagle partners, and turns on the charm to maintain our business relationships worldwide. His hobbies are hiking and hoarding a healthy collection of comics. And there’s a cool reason why South America is his favourite region.
Regional Coordinator (Africa)
Regional Coordinator (Europe)
Regional Coordinator (North Africa and Middle East)
Academic Coordinator
Innovation Manager
Mechelle is a master of ideas and organisation. She looks at something and tries to find ways to expand it or reshape it. With her expertise in the business of education and training, our product lines, competitions and global partnerships are on the rise. Her team is also responsible for the materials and resources used in our global competitions, keeping things interesting and fresh.
Regional Coordinator (Asia)
Social Media Specialist
Milot is a social whizz, be it on a screen or in real life. He analyzes, designs, and implements social media platforms' content strategies, as well as guaranteeing a smooth visual experience on all our posts and profiles. If he's not in the gym, he's in the library with a good book: brains, brawns, and brilliance all in one!
IT Manager
A tinker of bobs, bits, and bytes, Fatih runs the scenes and sites of TeenEagle. His team develops original platforms for TeenEagle competitions, beats the grading machine into submission on competition days, and makes sure everyone who searches online for TeenEagle leaves satisfied. His hobbies are beating players on the chessboard and going camping.
IT Specialist
Dilmac is the bridge between our creative side and our competitive side, with code thrown in like the cherry on top. He works with the IT department on automatic generation and business intelligence solutions. He's dangerous on a sports team, be it basketball or football, but he's also a family guy with a heart of gold.
IT Assistant