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TeenEagle is an English language skills competition, with the goal of giving every student globally the chance to stand out and test their skills.

TeenEagle has two competition rounds: the TeenEagle Online Round and the Global Finals. These competitions work together to make the two stages of our international English competition.

Participants in the Online Round qualify for the Global Finals and they can win discounts to other stages. Moreover, participants in the Global Finals can win discounts to prestigious colleges and universities in the UK, as well as select funded opportunities to work and study over the summer.

Students from any country in the world, as long as they’re between 8-18 years old. TeenEagle Online is open to anyone in this category–our Global Finals require a participant to have earned over 40% on an Online Round.

TeenEagle is designed to take into consideration how much work and how many commitments these teachers and students already have. Preparation time is estimated to be between one to four weeks for TeenEagle Online and Global Finals. Our team supports students with lots of live events, online practice sessions, education and training, etc. to prepare for the upcoming competitions.

TeenEagle Online

The TeenEagle Online Rounds are stage one of our English language competitions. It is a 60-question multiple choice quiz done completely online.

All information on Rounds and deadlines can be found on our Registration Platform.

Register to compete on the Registration Platform. Once you’ve confirmed your registration, go onto our Resources and start studying! Most importantly, enjoy reading the book and watching the film with your family and friends if possible 🙂

All participants receive a participation certificate and a report card, as well as certain awards:

  • 40 to 59.9% receives an Honourable Mention Certificate;
  • 60 to 74.9% receives a Bronze Certificate;
  • 75 to 89.9% receives a Silver Certificate;
  • 90 to 100% receives a Gold Certificate;

The top achievers per category will receive discounts for the TeenEagle Global Finals trip and competition.

You can go to our Registration Platform and follow the steps given.

All information on finances and costs can be found on our Registration Platform.

After the exam, you will be able to see your results and download your certificate on the Registration Platform.

TeenEagle Global Finals

The TeenEagle Global Finals is the second stage of our English Language competitions. Students travel to some of the world’s most unique and multinational cities for a trip covering four competitions in persuasive speaking, writing, knowledge, and spelling.

For information on specific Global Finals Rounds, you can go to the Global Finals Page or our Downloads. However, at least one Global Finals Round will take place in the heart of London.

TeenEagle is an international organisation supported by universities located in the UK. Participants in grades 12-13 (UK system) will get discounts to one of these universities. All participants in grades 7-13 will receive a 25% discount to Brooke House College, if they decide to study in the UK.

Yes, a supervisor is needed; for academic and legal reasons, we limit registration for supervisors only to teachers or staff members of your specific school.

Parents are not accepted as supervisors. We would like to foster independence and make international bonds, and we wish to make it a truly academic experience.

All participants receive a participation certificate and a report card, as well as certain awards:

  • 40 to 59.9% receives an Honourable Mention Medal and Certificate;
  • 60 to 74.9% receives a Bronze Medal and Certificate;
  • 75 to 89.9% receives a Silver Medal and Certificate;
  • 90 to 100% receives a Gold Medal and Certificate;

Moreover, students receive a 10% discount from the selected partner universities and a 25% discount from Brooke House College for their first year of education.

Students should re-study the resources they had for the TeenEagle Online Competition. Students can also practice their speaking, writing, and spelling skills by using the class materials found in the Downloads page. TeenEagle also regularly hosts presentations and workshops online specifically to practice and prepare.

Register to compete on the Registration Platform. You will need to confirm your placement in an Online Round. Once you’ve confirmed your registration, go onto our Resources and start studying!

Please go to the Registration Platform to see all Registration-based information for each Global Finals Round.

The registration cost will differ based on the specific Global Finals Round that you have chosen. You can find more information on the Global Finals page for what is included in that specific registration fee. However, the fee will not cover visa costs, flight prices, or individual shopping money, regardless of the Round. More information can be found for each global round under Downloads.

For any meals provided, TeenEagle will take dietary restrictions into consideration. If you apply to a Global Finals Round where food is provided, you will be sent a form to fill out after registering with this information.

Participants will have scheduled visits to different local attractions. This includes modern visits as well as historical ones, and entrance fees for specific events or attractions. Please note that we do not cover individual shopping money during these trips.

Yes. Any participant wishing to compete in a TeenEagle Global Finals Round must qualify through an Online Round.

Parents are not allowed to accompany their children as supervisors. However, some global rounds have parent trips as well. Please see the Downloads page for details.


TeenEagle has three categories, divided by age. TeenEagle One consists of students born in 2012-2015. TeenEagle Two consists of students born in 2009-2011. TeenEagle Three consists of students born in 2005-2008. To double-check your age category and resources, you can go to the Resources page.

Resources are different for each competitive category (see question above), but each category uses at least one book and one movie. Find more information on resources on the resource page.

For TeenEagle Online, the only event is the 60-question Knowledge Quiz. For the TeenEagle Global Finals, there are four events: Knowledge Quiz, Persuasive Speaking, Writing Challenge, and the Spelling Bee. For details, please visit here.

Yes, we do. Please go to our Competitive Events page, where you can see a free sample of each event. We also have study materials on our Downloads page.

General Contact Information

Please contact our Live Customer Support/WhatsApp Line via our website or send us an email at

Please fill out the Partner Registration form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

TeenEagle tries to be understanding in these cases. We recommend reaching out to us and booking an appointment. We can speak with you directly and see if there is a way to help.

TeenEagle will have all educators to attend all the daily attractions which are organised by TeenEagle. In addition, TeenEagle will try to arrange seminars for educators for some Rounds, depending on the number of teachers interested.

Yes, we can. Once you have finished your registration, we will send you an official invitation letter along with some other supporting documents.

Students and supervisors must arrange their visa documents for themselves. However, the TeenEagle organisation team will email all necessary required documents to the participants for the visa application process.

Participants must arrange their flight itinerary by themselves, after discussing with the TeenEagle Country Representative or a school educator.

Reach out to us at If we enjoy your pitch, we will contact you officially. Know that in this case, we may not be able to answer all emails containing ideas, but we will try to at least thank you for the contribution.

Please see our refund policy page here.

If you still have questions, contact us!