Please ensure you have read these Terms and Conditions very carefully before registration. TeenEagle cannot be held liable for any situations arising from not having read the Terms and Conditions.


1.1. Your access to and use of the services is on condition of your acceptance of, and compliance with, these Terms and Conditions. The Terms apply to all visitors, users, and others who access or use the service.

1.2. These terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom, without regard to its conflict of law provisions.

1.3. The TeenEagle Online Rounds and Global Final Rounds are open to all active students aged between 8 and 18 years old. Age upon registration will be used for the entirety of the academic competitive year, regardless of birthdate or age changes during the duration of the academic competitive year. Some rounds may have age restrictions and participants can see them on the registration pages

1.4. The TeenEagle Competition may use your/your child’s/your students’ photos, interviews, and videos pertaining to this competition on the TeenEagle official website, posters, and/or brochures, in order to encourage and motivate other students for the upcoming events. Moreover, upon joining a TeenEagle public session, such as but not included to TeenEagle Webinars, TeenEagle Zoom Sessions, TeenEagle Live Sessions via social media platforms, TeenEagle Mock Exams, or any other event connected to TeenEagle, the participant agrees to share their data for internal marketing purposes. This data may be used by Oscar Education for further event creation, marketing, data analysis, and other purposes directly connected to the our events.

1.5. The TeenEagle Committee has the right to disqualify any student and/or supervisor who does not abide by the Terms and Conditions and Rules of the competition, viz. any student and/or supervisor under suspicion or confirmation of plagiarism, cheating, bullying, or any other disruptive or a dishonest action.

1.6. The TeenEagle Competition Committee, as well as its affiliates for the competition, reserves its right to modify the concept and rules of the competition at any time in order to increase efficiency and satisfaction.

1.7. The registration fees for any competitions created and hosted by the TeenEagle Competition must be submitted and/or paid by the deadline. If attempts of registration are made without the financial backing through the official mediums required, the TeenEagle Committee will not consider the applicant as registered. The TeenEagle Competition Committee reserves the right to decline late payments and/or registration, as well as any applications considered to have or under suspicion of having false information.

TeenEagle Online

2.1. The TeenEagle Online Rounds are completely remote and done digitally. By participating, applicants are confirming their awareness of this fact, and are agreeing to use a digital device upon which the exam platform is supported. TeenEagle cannot provide devices for any participants.

2.2. Supervisors for the Online Competition may choose a specific location that participants should compete at. However, supervisors may not choose the time. The time of the competition is completely within the choice of the TeenEagle Committee.

2.3. Any participant who achieves 40% or over on a TeenEagle Online Round automatically qualifies for a TeenEagle Global Finals trip. Specific participants may receive discounts based on their performance. Details of these discounts are available on the TeenEagle official website. Details of these discounts are subject to change. However, the specific version of these discounts used in regards to a qualifying student is to be the version live at the time of the Online Round.

2.4. The qualifications are valid for the academic year that the participants have taken TeenEagle Online. Hence, qualifications cannot be transferred to the following years unless officially agreed upon and documented with the TeenEagle Committee.

2.5. TeenEagle reserves the right to send emails to the addresses registered for promotional purposes.

TeenEagle Global Finals

3.1. The registration fee for the Global Finals covers the following:

  • Accommodation* in the city chosen;
  • Transportation, both in terms of local transportation to any activities or events stated within and in terms of airport pick-up and drop-offs at local airports (on specific days and times only);
  • English courses and activities;
  • Three (3) meals per day at set times. Participants must pay for their own meal if they miss one of these times, or if they do not like the served meals. Meal preferences will be sent out to accommodate dietary and medical preferences.

This registration fee does not cover the flight costs to travel to the Global Finals Round, visa fees, or pocket money. Personal spending is expected to be covered entirely by the participant.

3.2. There is a limit on the number of adult supervisors (teacher, parent or guardian) per group of students from each school. In order to maximise the number of participants, the Organising Committee has the right to decline extra supervisors, guardians or parents, even if they have received invitation letters, and/or discounts for the Global Finals trip (especially for teachers).

3.3. All students who participate in the Global Finals must be accompanied by an adult supervisor (preferably a teacher from the same school). A supervisor can be anyone who is older than 20 years old and has been given consent by the parents/guardians to travel with the student. In terms of consent, we abide by the laws of the participants’ registered country–if the country in question requires a legal document in order for travel to be approved, the TeenEagle Competition reserves the right to see and keep a copy of this documentation. Moreover, TeenEagle Organisation Committee can ask delegates to come as a single group if there is a single country representative.

3.4. Each school is recommended to send a minimum of one educator to accompany every six (6) students for the Global Finals. More than one teacher for six or fewer students from the same school is up to the approval of TeenEagle Committee.

3.5. Parents that would like to come to the Global Finals must register through our website if they would like to get an invitation letter and/or attend the awards ceremony. Parents who do not register through our website will not be allowed to attend the awards ceremony.

3.6. Participants must follow a modest, casual, and semi-formal dress code suitable for local weather conditions. In general, the TeenEagle Committee uses this dress code to ensure participants are dressed for the weather and are appropriate for camera presentations. Participants will be given official TeenEagle shirts to be worn as much as possible. It is advised for participants to wear long pants during the Global Finals trip. Shorts and skirts are acceptable if they reach the knee. Skirts that do not cover the knee should be a minimum length of six inches above the knee and have shorts underneath.

3.7. All participating students and teachers will stay on the chosen campus, and accompanying parents are recommended to stay at a hotel close to the Global Finals venue. Students are not allowed to leave the venue premises without supervision from their accompanying teachers or a TeenEagle staff member.

3.8. TeenEagle openly stands against harassment. Any reported instances of verbal, physical, or other kinds of harassment will be strictly investigated and followed up on. TeenEagle reserves the right to bar students found guilty of harassment from competing or attending extracurricular events, as well as invalidating any and all scores gained previously. TeenEagle will also report any harassment to the supervisors and schools of the participants.

3.9. TeenEagle cannot be held liable for any claims, penalties, loss, damage or expenses connected with one’s participation at TeenEagle. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude or limit our liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence.

3.10. We’re excited to welcome you! For early arrivals before 8:00AM on the competition day, an additional fee assures immediate room access for your comfort. If you arrive on the day, your accommodation will only be ready by our standard check-in time at 14:00. We appreciate your patience and look forward to making your stay memorable!

3.11. Accommodation Arrangements: At selected events, attendees may be allocated shared accommodation in twin rooms, potentially alongside international students. Attendees who prefer single-room accommodation must acknowledge and accept the responsibility for the associated supplementary charges. A request for a single room constitutes express consent to bear the cost of the single room rate as specified by the event organisers.

Refund Policy

Registration fees for TeenEagle Online are NON-REFUNDABLE.

All refunds for TeenEagle Global Finals are subject to the decision of the management, whether or not the reason is a form of force majeure.

1.1. Participants who have earned discounts are unable to transfer their discounts. These discounts must be used within 30 days from the day of the online competition.

1.2.  If a Participant has received multiple discounts, such as in the context of having taken part in multiple Online Rounds and having received different scores in their respective Rounds, the highest one is applied only.


For the following section, individuals are taken to mean one of the following registration categories; PARTICIPANTS, SUPERVISING TEACHERS, PARENT PROGRAM PARTICIPATORS, and/or GUESTS. If a visa is required to enter the event country, please apply for the visa at your earliest convenience to avoid higher cancellation fees.

2.1. Regardless of the discount applied or time of refunding, Individuals are held accountable for the cancellation admin fee of £185 at all times.

2.2. Individuals will get a 100% refund of the amount paid if they cancel their registration 90 days before the event date for any reason. The only deduction will be the cancellation admin fee of £185 in this case.

2.3. £355 is deducted if the registrations are cancelled between 45 to 89 days before the event date for any reason.

2.4. £495 is deducted if the registrations are cancelled between 11 to 44 days before the event date for any reason. 

2.5. Individuals will not get a refund if they cancel their registration fewer than 10 days  before, during and/or after the event date for any reason.

2.6. Individuals will not get a refund on cancelling their registration if the total refund amount would be less than the cancellation fee amount.

Visas and Visa Refusals

3.1. If a visa is required to enter the event country, please apply for the visa at your earliest convenience to avoid higher cancellation fees. (This can be found on the necessary embassy website).

3.2. No refund will be given to any participant that has gotten a visa but cancelled their registration. 

3.3. For all cancellations, the visa denial letter must be provided. 


4.1. If an individual tests positive for COVID-19 on the day of the flight and is not able to attend the event, no fees will be refunded.

4.2. The rules also apply to other viral infections/diseases as noted by the government of the Global Finals venue, and are dependent entirely on the participants’ country of arrival.

4.3. If the participants are not able to enter their flights or come to the event for any reason, no refund is given.

4.4. For any refunds, the bank transfer fees will be deducted from the total amount to be returned to the participant or the person paying for the participant.

4.5. TeenEagle Management reserves the right to accept or reject anyone to the Global Finals. If management rejects an applicant prior to arrival at the Global Finals, the fee-payer will receive a refund of all monies paid, with an administrative fee of £185 to be deducted from that sum.

4.6. All refunds will be made only to the original fee payer via the original payment method.

4.7. TeenEagle will not issue any refunds after the arrival date has passed and the student is considered absent without official leave.

4.8. If we do not get the correct flight details 21 days before any Global event for the registered participants/supervisors, the participants and their supervisors are responsible for their own airport transfers.

4.9. If participants arrive in a group smaller than four participants, the participants are responsible for their own airport transfers.